Industrial electrical installations

Installations in industrial premises

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we carry out electric installations in any kind of Industrial Premises.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we carry out the whole assembly in the premises. We carry out installations embracing stores and large industries.

We are specializing in:

– Temporary supply installation on site.

– Calculation and installation of earthing and equipotentiality

– Sharing of underground electric lines provided with trays and overhead lines.

– Assembly of switchboards and auxiliary switchboards for sharing and protection

– Calculation and installation of condenser batteries

– Industrial lighting, emergency, outdoor lanterns and screens in offices

– Installations for adjacent areas such as parking, changing rooms, canteens and stores.

– Electric installation and telecommunications for offices

– Public address systems, entryphones, videoporters and ambient sound

– Assembly of electrified chains for power and lighting

Medium-voltage installation

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we count on a contrasted experience regarding the Medium-Voltage electrical line layout under the direction of skilled technicians that are in charge of solving all the procedures before the Supplying Company and the Ministry of Industry.

Regardless the fact that they could be temporary lines or lines for final supply, we count on the necessary means to implement all kind of Low and Medium Voltage lines: overhead lines laid on all type of supports, underground lines laid under the sidewalks and roads, stranded, clamped on wall, etc.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we count on high-qualified personnel and very specific means as the technical personnel has attended occupational risk prevention courses and works under voltage courses so as to carry out this kind of installations with all the necessary guarantees.

Transforming stations

At present, to have a good quality electric supply and at a low cost is necessary for any company.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we are in charge of the installation and maintenance of transforming stations of the client or distributing company:

– C.T’s prefabricated for companies and industrial parks

– C.T’s in the open air on supports for rural electrification


The efficiency and energy saving are priorities for any economy and can be obtained without affecting the dynamics of your business as they enhance the competitiveness of their production processes and reduce both gas emissions of greenhouse effect and energy costs.

So, in ROMOVI ELECTRICAS S.L. we make the streetlighting installations in compliance with the Royal Decree 1890/2008 of 14th November that approves the energy efficiency Regulation in outdoor lighting installations.

Solar photovoltaic installation

This is a good moment for investing in photovoltaic energy, connection to network and get important profits in a short time, without risks. Income returns above 10%.

The client guarantees himself/herself very important income for 35 years.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we offer solutions relating to energetic matters for each client with an all-embracing service in photovoltaic installations with connection to network on industrial hall roof.

Please request for an interview without any obligation on your part and a sales representative belonging to our staff will give you advise about all your roof possibilities.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we take care of all aspects, we accomplish Turnkey projects.