Automation and Control of Production

Software for production controls

In the programming department of ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we develop client-designed software regardless the sector it is intended for. We have a wide-ranging own-developed Software Catalogue implemented in different business areas where perhaps you can find the answer to your needs.

We carry out made-to-measure applications for the production control in the companies devoting to textile and plastic production. We make a study of your company in depth and offer you the best solution to have under control all the processes carried out in the production.

Our software is different from the one of the competition because it is directly communicated with the machines with the advantages that this function entails.

– Communication in real time with the machines (recording of pieces, stoppage, incidents, running times, etc.) so we can know the output of a machine and decide if it is profitable.

– Performance of workers by controlling their machine input records.

– Control of pieces, quantity and quality

Automation of machines and processes

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we count on an Engineering Office integrating both the development of management and control computing systems and the hardware and special mechanism development so as to be able to offer to our clients Turnkey systems for the automation of their processes.

For the execution of the projects and implementation of systems, ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. counts on a human team having a solid and proven experience, in addition to a high level equipment regarding both material and software.