Domotics and other installations

Electrical installation in houses

The execution of the electric installations are subject to the Electro Technical Regulation on Low Voltage that includes the technical instructions (ITC) BT 01 to BT51 being the last issue of the same on the 18th September 2002.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we make all kind of electric installations in houses such as single family houses, semi-detached houses, villas and housing buildings, business centers, shop centers.


Domotics is the automation and centered and/or remote control of apparatus and electric/electro technical systems at home. The main targets of domotics is to increase the comfort, save energy and improve the safety.

Domotics refers to the automation and control (on/off, opening/closing and adjustment) of apparatus and electric and electro technical installation systems such as lighting, air conditioning, blinds and awnings, motor-driven doors and windows, irrigation, etc.) in a centralized or remote operation. The purpose of the domotics use is the increase of comfort, energy saving and the improvement of personal and patrimonial safety at home.

In ROMOVI ELECTRICAS, S.L. we chose the option that best suits you and we always look for open and flexible solutions. We personalize your home or working place from the technological point of view by providing it with intelligent services that will allow you to reach confidence, comfort and safety.

Fire detection installation

The fire detection installations allow the automatic fire detection and finding. In addition, they release automatically those alarm plan sequences incorporated to the detection station as quickly as possible.

The Automatic Detection Systems are of essential importance for the early detection of fire allowing its extinction at the beginning of it by manual or automatic means.

An Automatic Fire Detection consists of the following elements:

– Automatic Fire Detection Station

– Fire Sensor or Detectors

– Alarms, detectors and push-buttons

Access and presence controls

The access control is one of the most required applications demanded by the the clients in recent years.

ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. has an ample experience in the implementation of access control and presence installations as we use the wide range existing on the market: proximity, magnetic band, fingerprint detector, keyboard….

We have different software applications for the above mentioned systems depending on your need, for instance: clocking control and working hours, visitor control systems and more complete integrated systems

Voice and data cabling

The structured cabling system is the universal platform on which to build the overall strategy of the information systems. Just as a exchange of information is vital for your company, the cabling system is the life of its network.

The concept of structure cabling solution pretends offer a universal solution to the voice and data infrastructure to confront the constant technology change. By means of this kind of cabling the best quality is ensured with regard to your voice communications and also ensures a high speed relating to the data transfer.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we offer the client the possibility of certifying the network structured cabling thanks to our special instruments for testing and verification. The parameters to be certified (Length, Impedance, Capacitance, Attenuation, etc.) assure that the network is within the rules and working correctly.

Solar photovoltaic installation

This is a good moment for investing in photovoltaic energy, connection to network and get important profits in a short time, without risks. Income returns above 10%.

The client guarantees himself/herself very important income for 35 years.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we offer solutions relating to energetic matters for each client with an all-embracing service in photovoltaic installations with connection to network on industrial hall roof.

Please request for an interview without any obligation on your part and a sales representative belonging to our staff will give you advise about all your roof possibilities.

In ROMOVI ELÉCTRICAS S.L. we take care of all aspects, we accomplish Turnkey projects.