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Industrial engineering
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Laminating machines using the flame foaming process (without adhesives) used to make multilayer textile structures, mainly used for polymeric foams, membranes, films, up-to-date technical textiles used in a variety of sectors.

Sandwich or single ply lamination with various widths and tailored to the client needs.

Burners with high calorific value and energy efficiency, of our own manufacture.

Automated air gas mixing control units with energy efficient mixer.

  • Main fabric feeders with or without accumulation and tension controlled by Nm load cells.
  • Welding machine for fabrics, foams, films.
  • Elimination of static currents before and after manufacturing.
  • Automated systems for quick article changeover
  • Fabric expander introducers of fabric RAMA finishing tenter.
  • Calender fabric markers at stops.
  • Automatic cleaning systems of calender cylinder.
  • Automated system for positioning distance flame burner to melting base.
  • Centralizer and aligner devices
  • Foam accumulation feeders, (non-stop changeover), capacity between 50-80 metres, and tension controlled by load cells Nm.
  • Laminated strip cutting system.
  • Extraction or shredding system for cut strips.
  • Ink injection markers in the manufacturing process
  • Feeder for accumulation and widening of base fabric, normally elastic, capacity 50-80 metres.
  • Accumulators at finished product exit, capacity 50-80 metres, tension controlled by load cells Nm and double axial winder at exit.
  • Laminated thickness measuring machine.
  • Software and hardware for the control and traceability of all important parameters for product quality.
  • Vertical Inspection Machine
  • Horizontal inspection machine
  • Mixed inspection machine
  • Automatic movement and bagging.


Our goal is not only to offer you a standard closed production, but also to adapt the machines to the needs and requirements of our clients. This is what make us innovate, improve and grow.


We provide our clients with close and totally customized advice.


Technical development of the project optimizing the costs and processes involved.


We schedule the work so that the entire process runs smoothly and effectively.


We take care of the complete installation at our client's premises.


Comprehensive project management.


Automation and optimization of industrial processes, turnkey.


Conceptual, functional and aesthetic design process of the product.


We have our own spare parts warehouse for any necessary repairs.


Manufacture of aesthetic and functional prototypes, using CNC Machining, Silicone Molds or 3D Printing.


Remote assistance service.

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